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About ADA Expert


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Gene (Gino) Mattera

Mr. Mattera is the heart of ADA Expert. He is responsible for implementing our client’s site modification plans and provides ADA code compliance consulting. With over 20 years of experience in accessible design, he is a Certified Access Specialist under the auspices of the California Division of the State Architect. His reviews provide existing facilities in California with special protections from litigation over ADA compliance issues. Our firm is available nationwide to create customized plans tailored to each individual client, based on both the ADA and local accessibility codes.


Property owners or lessees who are unsure of their facility’s compliance can contact us and our staff will evaluate the business. We coordinate a plan for ADA compliance including guidance for qualified contractors to design, modify and complete these plans.


After modifications are completed, our staff reviews contractor work to ensure it meets all required standards.


Whether it’s new construction or an existing building, our inspection services protect your investment from unseen liabilities while providing the best possible environment for the safe and easy use of your business by all patrons.

Christopher Mattera
ADA Expert Accessibility Inspector and Plans Examiner

ICC/IBC Certificate No. 10161257

Christopher graduated from Florida State University with honors, then joined the ADA Expert Inc. team in 2021. He is the youngest child of company President Gene Mattera and has assisted his father on numerous projects over the years. Christopher has recently been certified as an Accessibility Inspector and Plans Examiner by the ICC/IBC. He is training to become a Certified Access Specialist under the purview of the California Division of State Architect. Christopher has demonstrated a strong aptitude for learning and his commitment to continuing his education in the accessible design field assures that ADA Expert will remain on the forefront of all accessibility topics and guidelines. Currently working on a national level as an Accessibility Inspector and Plans Examiner. He provides valuable training to his peers on proper data collection for ADA-Expert Inc. and produces many of the company’s accessibility reports.

Carlos Cuesta - ADA-Expert Field InspectorCarlos Cuesta
ADA Expert Field Inspector

Mr Cuesta, as a member of the disabled community, he has overcome lifelong physical challenges to work for Miami – Dade County and Amazon before joining ADA Expert last year. Over the years he has frequently used mobility assistance devices and is acutely aware of the harm caused by construction related access barriers. In his role at our firm he gathers factual information by taking measurements and photographs for assessments which are reviewed by Gene or Christopher Mattera and used in the production of assessment reports. He is currently training to become an ICC/IBC Certified Accessibility Inspector and plans examiner under the guidance of Gene Mattera who has over 25 years in the field of accessible design. Mr Cuesta is a valuable member of our team and his many contributions help to make ADA Expert a better and more compassionate purveyor of accessibility guidance.

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