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Quality Control Inspection


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Working with the disabled community for over two decades has led to a strong repour with a number of advocacy groups whose members face physical challenges. ADA-Expert can design a “secret shopper” program tailored to fit any type of business. We will identify the “good or bad” results of how your employees or franchise operators interact with special needs patrons so you can improve customer service. Our QC visits are performed by individuals trained to document their personal experiences in detail. They will also observe how all employees serve other guests. In this way, we develop a 4-dimensional view unavailable by any other data collection method.

After the visit our team creates customized reports detailing 1) Any physical barriers to access encountered at your property; 2) Overall service quality and how associates interact with patrons; 3) How customers with special needs are treated and if all policies are followed to accommodate their unique challenges; 4) Any differences in interrelations as noted by our trained observers. It is important to identify where a patron who obviously needs help is the only one receiving proper service from staff, as it is to identify flaws in addressing special needs. Services are customized for you from targeting locations of pressing need to reports for each location in your network.


Our work for you is completely confidential and is never shared with anyone unless we are specifically ordered to do so by your firm. If multiple or severe accessibility barriers are found, we can go the extra mile through our in-house Accessibility Audit and Abatement Services when directed, where other quality control services cannot.


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