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Temporary Event Planning


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Any event or structure open to the public, even if temporary, is required to be accessible and is subject to the regulations in ADA Titles I, II, and III. Failure to comply with these laws in the event’s employment, design, site construction or policies can trigger litigation. An inaccessible final product affects visitor experiences and possibly your community persona long after it has closed. ADA-Expert works with your team to ensure that all can enjoy the events you plan and enhance your reputation as an organizer. Whether a sporting event, trade show, festival or other gathering, ADA-Expert can craft the solutions to abate potentially violative conditions. In fact, modifications for the disabled also help able bodied mothers with strollers and seniors. Eliminate risks to pedestrians from trip hazards or other issues. We also help with policies during planning to ensure activities are accessible while staying true to your vision of the event!

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