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ADA Title I Compliance:

Employers of disabled individuals MUST provide REASONABLE accommodations to some employees with disabilities.

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ADA Title II Compliance:

All state, local, special purpose or semi-autonomous governmental entities MUST provide PROGRAM ACCESS to the disabled.

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ADA Title III Compliance:

Businesses open to the public REGARDLESS of a facility’s age & all newly constructed commercial facilities must be accessible.

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Temporary Events:

All temporary events MUST meet applicable provisions of ADA Titles I, II & III as well as other state and local laws.

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All residential buildings with four or more units MUST meet FHA accessibility guidelines. Hotels and those areas used as business must comply with the ADA. If constructed with Federal funds, further requirements apply.

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Acquisitions, Alterations & New Construction:

Once you pay off the sellers or contractors you have little or no recourse when they leave unseen liabilities.

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In-person Services:

All businesses involve person-to-person interaction with employees who are rarely trained in accommodating special needs.

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Website Services:

The ADA specifically requires hotel reservation and event ticketing systems to provide enough information for disabled patrons to determine whether a facility has access that meets their needs. WCAG 2.0 standards for website design allow the blind to access content and are the root of a nationwide wave of litigation.

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