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Pre-Acquisition Assessment


(833) ADA-XPRT


Newly constructed or altered commercial facilities are covered by ADA Title III and required to meet with the 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards. Public Accommodations of any age must remove barriers to access and conform to the ADAAG or 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards as applicable on the date of last alteration. ADA-Expert can perform an audit assessing access to all types of facilities and ascertain if existing conditions conform to the standards. Alas, at this time, BANKS DO NOT REQUIRE AN ADA ASSESSMENT! This results in purchasers unknowingly acquiring unseen liabilities, defers compliance, and perpetuates litigation now 30 years after the law’s inception. Where modifications are needed, we not only identify any problems, but propose solutions and quantify their cost, SO YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE CLOSING SHEET! This is a golden opportunity to recoup the cost of wanted improvements as part of accessibility planning.

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