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After project completion, barrier removal is on average three times the cost of the underlying element if designed correctly. The calculation is simple, initial building cost, plus demolition and removal, plus the price to install a properly designed fixture. ADA-Expert provides plans review services to correct design errors before they become costly construction related access barriers. In California ALL PLANS MUST BE REVIEWED by a CASp. The reason? Only a Certified Access Specialist passes rigorous testing and stays up to date on access codes through required continuing education. Our President, Gene Mattera is a licensed CASp since 2014. As such, he regularly participates in code development forums with the United States Access Board and the California Division of the State Architect.


In conjunction with our On-Site Contractor Monitoring and Access Certification Review after completion, we ensure new or altered buildings meet your expectations and are not a source of hidden liability. After designers and contractors are paid it is hard make them fix the mistakes they leave behind. Rest assured, decades of experience working hand in hand with architects and builders saves you time and money and delivers peace of mind that can only come from knowing potential clients enjoy spending time at your business. In the end, accessible design reduces risk and increases customer satisfaction. Most importantly, in today’s world of so many opportunities to shop elsewhere, A LACK OF ACCESS WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF REVENUE!


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